The aim of hypnotherapy is to assist you in finding more productive and positive alternatives to your current negative ways of thinking, feeling, behaving or acting. It is the most effective and relaxing way to overcome some emotionally fueled bad habits and fears as well as relieving long term stress and anxiety.

This type of therapy focuses on encouraging positive change from deep within your own mind so you will be able to continue making better choices for yourself. It will be performed in a completely safe and relaxing environment and you will work with a fully qualified hypnotherapist and remain completely aware of your surroundings during the session. The number of sessions required will depend on what type of hypnotherapy you need and we will work with you to decide what would be best for you personally.


Mind Relaxation | Reduce Stress & Anxiety

Stress is always a part of life but when it’s long term, it can lead to serious mental and physical illnesses. If you seem to always feel like you’re under pressure, you need to make a change to get control back so you can focus on all the important things without feeling like you can’t handle them.

Deep relaxation with hypnotherapy is the way to revitalise your body, mind and soul and give you a moment of pure peace and relaxation. You’ll leave the session feeling calm, relaxed and reenergised.



Self Esteem| Motivation| Goal Achievement

Poor self-esteem and lack of motivation can be the most damaging things to go through because you’ll stop working toward your goals and begin avoiding social interactions. Using a combination of aware and unconscious hypnosis techniques can help to replace those negative thoughts with more positive ones, allowing you to start rebuilding your confidence. It will be the first step to finding your way to the better, happier you.



Weight Loss & Control management

Losing weight can be a highly stressful and difficult experience. Many people have negative influences getting in their way, whether it’s other people holding them back, lack of self-confidence or stress binge-eating followed by feelings of guilt and self-loathing. It’s a terrible cycle but it is totally natural and it is not your fault if you get sucked into it. Rather than feeling guilty, try hypnotherapy to remove your cravings and need to stress eat for good.

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Quit smoking

If you’ve tried everything to stop smoking and you’re sick of all the nasty side effects of patches and drugs, hypnotherapy is a more natural and safe way to kick the habit. The hypnotherapist can speak directly with your subconscious and remove those cravings, giving you an improved chance of getting off the cigarettes for good. Your risk of cancer and heart attack will decrease significantly and you will begin to look and feel healthier.

quit smoking


Negative habits control

Hypnotherapy can help you to gain control of your bad habits whether it’s something small but still highly frustrating and unhealthy like biting your fingernails or cracking your knuckles or even when it comes to more complex issues like procrastination. A hypnotherapist will speak directly with your subconscious to learn the origin of why the bad habit developed so it can be undone and you can live your life in peace without having to indulge your habits constantly.

Nail biting. Anxious



Phobias are actually a type of anxiety disorder, because they are a persistent and often, irrational and intense fear of certain objects or situations. Your subconscious mind overreacts to the thing you’re afraid of and tells your body that it is in danger. That’s why it causes you to feel stressed – because your body actually becomes extra alert and gives you a rush of adrenaline so you can run for it.

Everyone is afraid of something but when your phobia prevents you from doing things then it becomes a serious problem. Through the power of hypnotherapy and persuasion, you can remove the intense fear from your subconscious and begin to overcome it and regain control of your life.




Teenagers can be just as prone to relationship issues and stress as adults, with all the extra hormonal changes to deal with at the same time. These issues are just as real and damaging as if it were an adult dealing with them and it’s important to help them repair their self-esteem so they can better focus on learning and growing into a healthy adult. We offer this service simply because we want to help youths reach their true potential.